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Artists : Wick Alexander

website: www.wickalexander.com
3327 Nile St., San Diego, CA 92104
phone: 619-281-9847
fax: 619-468-9641
email: stoldmy@aol.com

Wick Alexander

Light Is Life
Light is Life

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The Road
The Road
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I was born in 1955 in San Diego, California. I received an MFA from UCSD in 1983. My primary medium is painting. My early work focused on the political landscape of the border region. My paintings, tempered with humor and acidic color, often describe the friction and contrast created by the rich and poor, north and south, and English and Spanish coexisting in this unique region. My interested in public art began with my expertise in landscape design and the possibility of combining the two disciplines of at and gardening. I have used paint, plant materials, light ... and brick, steel, wood, tiles, tone and mosaics in my commissions.

My philosophy in creating public artwork is to transform space into place. My desire is to elevate the public's aesthetic response to an otherwise common urban environment. This is achieved by an informal approach and disciplined sensitivity to the existing vernacular ... and the ability to recognize the particular personality of the chosen site.


Yantra is a collaborative artwork by Wick Alexander and Robin Brailsford, completed in 1996 for the California State Parks at Silver Strand State Beach in Coronado. Yantra is a Sanskrit word which means "to sustain." Yantra also refers to geometrical design used by Tantric practitioners to fix concentration during meditation. For those seeking enlightenment, it is a device (tool or instrument) like a mandala, that represents a divine connection between the microcosm to the macrocosm.

The artwork consists of a pattern of interlocking triangles which form an overall design. The triangles are made of pebbles, slate, ceramic mosaic, shells, glass beads and raku-fired tiles.   The triangles are attached to two, 4/ x 30' walls positioned at the beginning and end of a nature trail. Within the pattern of triangles are representations of the complex collection of plants, animals and humans that inhabit the 40 acre preserve. The pattern describes the intricate balance of the food web between the inhabitants. Along with the interpretive walls are two hand-painted, porcelain enameled panels which give more information about this unique site.

Light is Life
Light is Life is an artwork created in 1998 by Wick Alexander for the City Heights Urban Village Library. It is located in the Children's Room west of the entry lobby. The large room has a 30' ceiling and can be viewed from both the ground floor and the second story balcony. The painted mural is designed as an environment to be experienced from several viewing areas.   

Upon entering the space at ground level the southwest wall is painted in the spirit of Johannes Itten's 1920's experimentations of color theory. A 25' diameter star diagram representing our sun is depicted as a series of radiating complimentary colors painted in the corner of the opposite wall. Glass block is bisected in the adjacent wall casts natural light into the room. The opposite north wall has a 30' circle of 1' squares of coloring representing planet Earth On the back side of the entry wall is a reflective aluminum paint which gives and afterglow of the colored squares.

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