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Artists : Mary Lynn Dominguez

9180 Shirley Drive
San Diego, CA 91941
phone: 619-466-3867
email: jmldominguez@cox.net

Mary Lynn Dominguez

Shedding The Cloak
Dawn to Dusk
Carley's Magical Garden
Carley's Magical Garden
Shedding the Cloak
Shedding The Cloak
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The LookoutDominguez Awarded La Mesa Cennenial Public Art Project: The Island
A (tiny) island at the edge of the Village area of La Mesa was chosen for a public art work celebrating La Mesa's Centennial. The committee wanted something that would relate to the Village thematically, incorporate a historical element, a donor recognition area and a time capsule, plus be art. It's on La Mesa Blvd, which was originally called Lookout Avenue. It may change somewhat before it's finally built. There's an optional seatwall indicated. The bronze snail is a playful historical reference to Helix aspersa, the snail discovered in the area in the 1800's which inspired the naming of nearby Mount Helix. Download the proposal.

Current Work: Dawn to Dusk
Four glass mosaic and slate murals located at the Lomas Santa Fe and Interstate 5 Interchange. Each of the 40’ long murals are can be viewed by vehicles or pedestrians along the main gateway into Solana Beach, California. It's an invitation to the pleasures of this oceanside community. One pair of murals, “Dawn”, conveys the luminous colors of daybreak. The other pair, “Dusk”, is the identical design, but in a darker color combination, more expressive of an evening mood. View more images via the Gallery button below.

Artist Bio
Mary Lynn Dominguez has worked for many years in a wide variety of materials and her public art projects, ranging from polychrome wood constructions to mosaic murals, display her versatility. She has a rich and varied background that includes fiber and book arts.

Her work enhances hospitals, libraries, an airport, a juvenile probation center and other public and private venues. She has won four Orchid Awards from the San Diego County Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Among her works are Illuminations, a 300' long tile mural for the seat walls at Imperial Beach Pier Plaza and SeeShells, a multi-media series that whimsically transform the baffle walls of 12 public rest rooms at the San Diego International Airport. Stepping Stones are 8 mosaic panels on the walls of the City Heights Library. Carley's Magical Gardens at San Diego's Children's Hospital was a collaborative project featuring garden seating and play structures. At the same location is a playful bronze and tile interactive mural, The Children's Wall, created with sculptors Jesus Dominguez and Ellen Phillips. Flight/Alight, another team effort with Ms Phillips, employs bronze bird silhouettes to define a street median in Mission Hills, San Diego.

Other projects include a slate and tile floor mosaic River of Life for Mercy Hospital Chapel in San Diego, and a mosaic mural for the Serenity Garden at Scripps McDonald Center in La Jolla. Shedding the Cloak is the pivot point in a hedge maze on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Promenade. A collaboration with Jerry and Tama Dumlao, the 14' high bronze is rominently sited across the street from the San Diego Convention Center. Recent projects include the art in two libraries in Los Angeles, California, and at the La Jolla Shores Lifeguard Tower in San Diego.


Dawn to Dusk 2010
Lomas Santa Fe off-ramp at Interstate 5
Solana Beach, California

The Children’s Wall 1993
Children’s Hospital, 3020 Children’s Way (805 exit Mesa), San Diego, CA. 92123
This colorful interactive tile wall includes 9 bronze sculptural forms, most with moveable parts. Among the inventive invitations to play, there’s a rocket ship to pilot, telephones with kinetic keypads, a roadrunner who's feet spin and more. It stands in the second floor courtyard and serves the young patients and their siblings at the San Diego Children’s Hospital. The Children’s Wall received the ceramic tile industry’s Spectrum International Award of Merit in 1995. The art work was a collaboration between Mary Lynn Dominguez, Jesus Dominguez and Ellen Phillips.

Stepping Stones 1998
Weingart Library City Heights Urban Village
3795 Fairmont Avenue, San Diego, CA.
Stepping Stones symbolizes our desire to explore the world and expand our horizons. A Library can be a center from which many journeys begin. For the Weingart Library, tow sets of glass mosaics were created using stones gathered from e grounds of the library during its construction. The incorporation of the stones connect the history of the site itself to present and future generations of library users. One set of four mosaics is in the great room on the second floor balcony, and the other set of four mosaics is in the courtyard. Stepping Stones won an Orchid Award from the San Diego Chapter of the AMerican Institute of Architects.

Seeshells 1998
San Diego International Airport, Terminal Two, San Diego, CA.
Seeshells is colorful way to celebrate some of San Diego's main attractions and instill a sense of place in travelers passing through the corridors of the Airport. The beach towel is an emblem of fun in the sun and Seeshells interprets some typical beach towel motifs for the baffle walls at the entrances of the airports 12 restrooms. Incorporated into each glass mosaic mural is a narrow vertical row of cubicles filled with actual sand and sea shells. Seeshells won an Orchid Award from the San Diego Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Flight/Alight 2000
Washington Street Meridian Between Albatross & Dove, San Diego, CA.
Flight/Alight was commissioned by the Mission Hills Business Association and the City of San Diego for the central median on Washington Street. Community input suggested a desire to emphasize the names of the cross streets to Washington....all bird names. The artists, Ellen Phillips and Mary Lynn Dominquez created Flight Alight, which consists of three basic elements. Firs, a ribbon of birds swoops don the median at the east end of the project. They are cut steel, with various patinas, mounted on poles ranging from 15; to 20’ high. The second and third elements Alight and Onward, are tow large steel and patina sculptures of birds. One of these birds is nestled at the base of the high-flying birds, and the other is sited a block to the west. they refer to the vision emanating from the community of a sense of coming home.

Shedding the Cloak 2001
Dr. M.L. King Jr. Promenade/ Harbor and Market at City Front Terrace.
Shedding the cloak was designed to interact with an existing hedge maze on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Promenade in downtown San Diego. The 14’ high bronze sculpture honors Dr. King and his words urging peace, love and justice. Ti takes the form of a symbolic cloak standing in the center of the maze. Words etched into the concrete curbing along the pathways invite reflection. Upon entering, one reads phrases such as “shedding the cloak of fear”, “ shedding the cloak of malice”, At the center,at the sculpture, one turns and travels out of the maze. Leaving the center, one reads” donning the cloak of tolerance”, “donning the cloak of compassion”. The sculpture itself acts as a pivotal turning point in attitude. At night the sculpture is lit and a golden glow emanates from its interior, here gold leaf has been applied. The project was a collaboration with Tama and Jerry Dumlao.

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