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Artists : Kim Emerson

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Expression as an artist for me comes through the medium of mosaics in the form of murals and three-dimensional sculpture. I carefully cut geometric pieces of glass, ceramic tile and/or found objects and "puzzle" them together to create something representational or abstract. Mosaics are like permanent textured paintings that reflect light and shadows. Most of my work is designed to be site specific. The challenge for me is to design in harmony with the natural setting or existing architectural design, thus reflecting its environment and culture.

I have always been fascinated by the historical and pre-historical context of humanity in its relationship with nature and how our world is constantly changing. Using motifs from nature and our ancient ancestors guides me in my work. The word "mosaic" of late has become a metaphor to describe the diversity in which we live. For me, the world is a mosaic made up of various cultures, conditionings, environment, time, and space, each having their unique circumstance and yet bonded by the cement of life itself!

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Kim Emerson

Kim Emerson
Historic Flowers of Carlsbad: Zinnia

Kim Emerson
Ocean Life

Kim Emerson
Ocean Dances

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