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Artists : Nina Karavasiles

website: www.ninak.info
28802 Chihuahua Valley Road
Warner Springs, CA 92086
phone: 951-767-7005
email: nina@ninak.info or nkaravasiles@hotmail.com

Nina Karavasiles

Recipe for Friendship
Recipe for Friendship

Trolley station
Trolley Station
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Recipe for Friendship
"Recipe for Friendship" was created for a small minded community in San Diego called Little Italy. The art piece consists of ten sidewalk plaques and four cafe-like tables. The first sidewalk plaque is located at the corner of India and Date Streets. Following the plaques along the sidewalk on the north side of Date Street draws you from the hub of restaurants on India Street into Amici Park. On each of the checkerboard table clothed (glass mosaic)cafe tables in the park is a bronze sculpture - a plate of food with its recipe engraved on a bronze napkin. You can do a rubbing and take home the recipe. This piece works around the idea of cultural immigration through food. How recipes are passed down in generations, how they are Americanized, and how women and the kitchen helped to make the leap from Italy to the new country.

"Signifire" for Fire Station #11 at 25th and Broadway.
A coiled fire hose is represented in bronze. Glass Mosaics are set in a concave dish reflecting the flame pattern image onto the highly polished chrome fire nozzle. This reflection is a derivation of the principal of the anamorphic lens, which decodes a cryptic image, a popular parlor game in Victorian times. It is reminiscent of the neighboring Victorian structures. Alluding to water, a blue glass protrusion sits atop the nozzle. Light from within creates a cool glow.
When this piece is seen by driving by, it an echo to the form of the building (award winning Architect Robbins Jorgensen and Christopher). When a viewer is walking and stands in front, they see themselves reflected in the flames, a chilling discovery.

70th Street Trolley Station
Over 40 art elements are at the 70th St. Trolley station. The main sculpture, the "Train-like Apparatus Sculpture", is placed for the act of discovery. Native plant related art plaques are scattered throughout. Sandblasted quotes in the light pole bases set a stage for conversation and introspection. There is an LED light installation pointing out the Alvarado Creek. A sort of ironic map displays Native American trails and a brochure from an (ecological and forward thinking) electric trolley from 1915, which was removed. Stewardship was a big topic and there is recycled glass in the pavement, recycled plastic in the benches and cobblestones saved prior to construction used in the walls and benches.

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