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Artists : Philip Matzigkeit

1518 San Miguel Avenue
Spring Valley CA 91977
phone: 619-461-5219

Philip Matzigkeit

Fuego Sagrado
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Artist Bio

Philip Matzigkeit, a Southern California native, spent his formative years on the mission field in rural Zimbabwe where Africa was absorbed largely by osmosis. This has deeply affected his aesthetic and vision of the world. His first museum exhibition was for the Rhodesia National Gallery in 1972. He earned his B.A. at the University of Washington and an M.A. in Environmental Design at San Diego State University under maverick architect, Eugene Ray. Emphasis has been on architectural collaborations and on teaching youth in a kind of Pied Piper fashion. Projects of a social service nature and dozens of murals with schoolchildren paved his pathway into public art. He received grants, commissions and a purchase award from the Seattle, King County and Washington State Arts Commission near their inceptions and was documented by the National Endowment for the Arts and World Book Encyclopedia as early as 1976. He has taught and conducted workshops and residencies at all levels.

In California he apprenticed with internationally known artist/architect, James Hubbell and won competitive commissions for the Carmel Valley Library: Beauty be Witness in the Lost Realms and Ever at Play in the World... are mural friezes and 8 ft mosaic medallion respectively. Rock of Aegis a massive 450 ft concrete bas-relief on the retaining walls of the Penasquitos Pump Station, commissioned by the City of San Diego and Boyle Engineering and a second relief at the same location, Coyote Talk were highly successful collaborations with Mexican artist, Maestro Alvaro Blancarte and metals artist, Fe McQueen. Together they demonstrate the effective outcome of artist, architect, landscape architect, engineer and contractor cooperation.

Currently Mr Matzigkeit teaches design at San Diego State University, freelances for local architects and volunteers for youth and the Internationial Snow Leopard Trust. A project for a pedestrian bridge and street enhancement at Switzer Canyon in North Park, San Diego won an AIA award in 2000. A collaboration with architect Kotaro Nakamura and installation artist, Mario Lara, it awaits funding.

Pending is Solana Bateau, a seaside, boat shaped bench inspired by Mexican folk art for the City of Solana Beach.

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"Rock of Aegis"
450 ft of bas-relief in concrete at the Penasquitos Pump Station. Embellished wiht metals stone and concrete stains 1994-1999.

"Coyote Talk"
250 ft bas-relief in collaboration with Maestro Alvaro Blancarte. Metals by Fe McQueen 1994-19999.

"Always at Play in the World, Happy to be with the Sons and Daughters of the Human Race".
An 8 foot mosaic medallion at the entrace to the Carmel Valley Library 1993, 3919 Townsgate Drive, San Diego CA 92130

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