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Artists : Nicki Sucec

Anvil Art Studio
website: www.nickisucec.com
email: nicki@nickisucec.com

Nicki Sucec is a metalsmith/sculptor. Her recent work—some public, some private—is often conceptual and focuses on such issues as social stigmatization, economic exclusion, and environmental degradation.

In the year 2000, Nicki founded a small metals studio called Anvil Art. Nicki often uses traditional metals techniques and combines them with fine art concepts to create one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces in steel, copper, bronze or silver.

She received her M.F.A. in sculpture and public art at the University of Washington in Seattle, earned her B.A. in visual arts (studio) from the University of California at San Diego and studied jewelry and metalsmithing at San Diego State University.

Nicki is available for commissions. 


Phytoplankton Entry Gate

Created for the Wilapa National Wildlife Refuge

Designed by Nicki Sucec, Fabricated by Duke Grenier and Nicki Sucec. 2009. Powder-coated mild steel.

In designing this gate Nicki chose to emphasize the functions and offerings of the estuary itself. As a primary producer that nourishes all life at the estuary, phytoplankton mark the beginning of the food chain. This gate also marks a beginning—the entrance to The Willapa NWR Headquarters and the Interpretive Art Trail. When viewed through a microscope, one can easily see how these tiny plants with their beautiful, whimsical forms provide plenty of inspiration for art. A blown-up version of that view is exactly what this gate depicts. Like the estuary, this gate is a point of transition, and offers protection. It is the artists’ hope that as visitors move in and out through this gate, they will be delighted and intrigued by the forms and consider their own part in this and other ecosystems of the world.

Artist Notes:

The slideshow illustrates the visual progression of the Phytoplankton gate from it's original panel design. I was inspired by the microscopic image of phytoplankton and mirrored it to make a double entry gate. You can see how it progressed even through to details like the phytoplankton gate clasp.

Read a full interview and see many more of Nicki's works on her website www.nickisucec.com

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Nicki Sucec

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1 in 8
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