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Seminar 2: The Impetus Toward Utopia: Manifesting Personal Space

Hosted by: Mario Lara
Date: Sunday May 18, 2003 / 4:00 - 6:30 pm
Location: A pot-luck picnic near the botanical gardens in Balboa Park.
Public Address Attendees: Robin Brailsford, Nina Karavasiles, Mario Lara, Aida Mancillas, Larry Herzog, Diana Gage, Ellen Phillips, Mary Lynn Dominguez, and Anne Mudge.
Creative Assignment: Transform both sides of the blank slotted Merz-Card with a visual interpretation of your personal utopia. The slotted card will be used to assemble a Merz-Tower at the picnic (see images below). The individual Merz-Cards are displayed in the Merz-Card Gallery.
Event Photos and Merz-Card Gallery: Mertz Gallery
Reading Assignment #1:
Download the PDF: Kurt Schwitter's Hanover Merzbau
In an early stage of his Merz art Schwitters decided to extend his newly won insights into sculpture proper: Now I am doing Merz plastics [sculptures], Pleasure Gallows, and Cult-Pump.
Reading Assignment #2:
Download the PDF: Naives and Visionaries
The scruffy curiosa bordering the American highway includes such wonders as reptile gardens, instant pioneer villages, agate shacks, zoos and freak shows-glaringly announced by fluorescent billboards and pulsating neon.

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