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Seminar 3: The Impetus Toward Utopia: Utopia Seminar

Hosted by: Nina Karavasiles
Date: Thursday June 19th, 4:00 - 6:30 pm
Location: The Viejas Casino
Public Address Attendees: Public Address Attendees: Anne Mudge, Philip Matzigkeit, Robin Brailsford, Mario Lara, Debby Kline, Larry Kline, Diane Gage, Ellen Phillips, and Nina Karavasiles.
Creative Assignment:

Your homework will consist of a question that I would like you to ask someone outside of the art world, and then to ask the same question of yourself; "What would you do with the money if you won big?"

Please bring a blank slot card. It is my hope that we can create an image of this particular type of utopia right there.

Please bring books regarding gambling, Las Vegas, Lotto, etc. Movies seen. Also bring your latest favorite books, just to show.

I will bring quotes from this wonderful book Aida loaned me "The City in Mind, Notes on the Urban Condition" by James Howard Kunstler (The Free Press ISBN 0-684-84591-1).

Event photos and Merz-Card Gallery: Gallery

A poem offered by Diane Gage for this gathering:

Fear Is The Shadow Of Desire
You would do well to keep a fluid sense of orientation
but of course you don't.
You grip the shining thing
with the vises of your fingers,
squeeze your eyes shut,
lock joints, lock teeth, lock lungs,
tuck your chin into your neck
and hang on, hang on
hang on, hang on!
It flips you like a poker chip.
It spins you like a moon gone mad with speed,
deranging the rhythms of ordinary day.
This carnival is crowded -- this casino is hot!
Although in the lounge of your shut-
down darkness you know only lonely solos,
the fact is you're about as singular
as a coin in a slot machine racketing through
this flashing harlequin pachinko
of common human drama.
Don't ask me how to get out of it!
That's me behind you, clutching at whatever
winks a hint of big wins, cartooning up out
of shark jaws and cannibal cauldrons,
parking my breath in the plastic vial
I keep tucked up under my collarbone
in case I need it again, some day.

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