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Seminar 4: The Four Corners: Art/Science/Nature/Technology

Hosted by: Debby and Larry Kline
Date: Sunday July 20th 2003, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Location: Location: The Kline Residence.
Public Address Attendees: Public Address Attendees: Anne Mudge, Philip Matzigkeit, Robin Brailsford, Mario Lara, Debby Kline, Larry Kline, Diane Gage, Ellen Phillips, and Nina Karavasiles.
Creative Assignment:

After the discussion Larry and I will provide everyone with a light bulb and we will take a short field trip to play with electromagnetic power. (this is why we need a later start time for the seminar).

Reading Assignment #1:

Below is a list of suggested web sites which, since they are all online, we'll consider them a part of the art/technology portion of the seminar. You do not need to read them all. Just pick and choose at your pleasure or bring other interesting selections with you to the seminar. This should be easy thinking. Our discussion will be informal.

* Out of This World
* Duchamp vs. Barbie
* Genetics Discussion
* Idea People
* Projects
* Duchamp
* Harvey and Ackroyd 2000 winners

For the seminar, be prepared to discuss at least one, hopefully several, artworks to discuss that you feel typifies the art/science/nature/technology connections. Photos encouraged.

Also let's discuss pieces that tried to make the science/nature/art/technology connections but in your opinion failed or fell short. No holds barred.

During the discussion we will play an amusing little video titled "The Way Things Go" by artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss.

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