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Seminar 5: The Four Corners: Art/Science/Nature/Technology

Hosted by: Ellen Phillips
Date: August 21 at 4:00pm
Location: Mission Trails Regional Park, #1 Father Junipero Serra Rd.
Public Address Attendees: Public Address Attendees: Nina Karavasiles, Anne Mudge, Debby Kline, Carol Nye (new member), Robin Brailsford and Ellen Phillips.
Merz-Card Gallery: View gallery
Reading Assignment:

Why Children Need Wild Places (thanks to Aida's recommendation) and from Public Art Review Fall/Winter 00, an issue on Nature Trails this week.

We will meet and walk with Richard Bugbe, a Native American naturalist recommended by rangers at Mission Trails, who will lead us through the landscape and talk about native plants and the Indian way of relating to the earth, how to look at nature, how they use wild plants to survive and enhance their way of life.

Bring your Merz-Cards and whatever else you think you might need. We won't be able to pick anything in the park, but who knows what might present itself. Do the cards based on the readings, your feelings on art and nature or...???

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