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Seminar 6: The Four Corners: Art/Science/Nature/Technology

Hosted by: Anne Mudge
Date: August 21 at 4:00 PM
Location: Mancillas residence
Public Address Attendees: Public Address Attendees: Ellen Phillips, Robin Brailsford, Nina Karavasiles, Aida Mancillas, Anne Mudge, Mario Lara, Debby & Larry Kline, Philip Matzigkeit, Diane Gage, Petar Persic (new member), and Kim Stringfellow (new member.)
Reading Assignment:

A Suggested Assignment other than the readings: First, consider the following quote from the reading by Barry Lopez: "I know how much I miss (in perceiving the landscape of Pingok Island) - I have only to remember the faces of the Eskimos I've traveled with, the constant flicker of their eyes over the countryside... â€â€œ...the meticulous inspection of the land that is the mark of a good hunter becomes most evident when he uses a pair of field glasses. Long after the most inquiring nonnative has grown weary of glassing the land for some clue to the movement of animals, a hunter is still scouring its edges and interstices... You can learn to do this; and such scrutiny always turns up a ground squirrel, an itinerant wolverine, a nesting bird - something that tells you where you are and what's going on. And when you fall into the habit, find some way like this to shed your impatience, you feel less conspicuous in the land."

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Creative Assignment: Look at a piece of your local landscape through a small window - say the size of our slotted cards. (Aida reminded me that Ann Lamont, in her book Bird by Bird, advises her writing students to practice an exercise where they write only about what they can see through a window that is about the size of a 35mm slide frame). Make keen observations and document any way you choose on the card - write about it, make a laundry list, draw what you see, make poetry - whatever.
Dinner After the Seminar: Aida has volunteered to provide a main dish (vegetarian). Anne will provide a salad. Bring your own beverage. Persons contributing dessert selections are most welcome!

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